UTR events: **Currently these programs are not able to proceed due to COVID-19.

UTR events at Parra:

More and more Clubs in NSW are incorporating UTR events into their competition calendar. “Parra Tennis” will host a number of one and two day UTR events during 2019. Click here to view our upcoming events.

About UTR

UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) is a global tennis player rating system designed to produce an objective, consistent, and accurate measure of a players’ skill level and development. It is powered by over 7 million match results, across 700 thousand players in over 200 countries.

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 How UTR works

UTR rates the level of players on a single point scale between 1.00 and 16.50 (based on past match results without regard to age or gender).  Three factors go into the rating: Competition (strength of opponent), the score (based on % of games won) and recent history (last 30 matches within 12 months). To understand more on how a UTR is calculated, click here

 Get your UTR

One match result is all it takes to receive a projected UTR. After approximately five matches, the rating becomes official. As matches are played and entered into the system, a player’s UTR will increase or decrease over time.  Most players already competing in Australian ranking tournaments should have a UTR rating.  To get your UTR rating, click here 

Why UTR?

There are many benefits of UTR but most importantly it enables the facilitation of competitive matches between similarly rated players.

  •  It provides players with separate ratings for doubles & singles.
  • Players get to play competitive matches at their level
  • Players get rewarded for every game that they win. A loss to a higher rated player (where the score was competitive – e.g. 6-4-6-4) translates to the loser’s UTR increasing.

 Once you know your UTR level, you can also click here to find other UTR events, and tournaments in NSW where you’ll have fun, play competitive tennis, and improve your game!