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Club Competitions [Sticky] Monday Night Singles Comps - 21/22

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Hello Comp players,

I am Kumar, the Vice President of the Parra City Tennis management committee. I have taken up Terry's Monday night comps responsibilities, and Terry will be looking after the Wednesday night singles and Saturday morning junior's comps.


Match Backend

To streamline all the club competitions, we are now using the Tennis Australia/Tennis NSW based Match Centre based competitions backend. This keeps all the comps aligned in one system. Further, I would also require all club comp players to register on the  UTR site. The Match Centre will automatically link the UTR profile (please use the same email ID for both registrations), and all club level competitions are UTR recognised. You will start getting your UTR ratings from the matches played. This allows player levels to be universally rated and selects the divisions to play in. The desired outcome is that all players enjoy the game by getting matching rated players in their division and a fair result sheet.


Match Format

For the 21/22 comps, we would like to propose three formats, and I would request feedback from the players before finalising the format. The format change proposal comes in light of the time taken for each match in the current configuration of six-game/set, best of 3 sets matches. It's been observed that many matches end up not completing the night in the allotted 2 hours slot.

  1. Fast Four format (FF): Fast four format has four games to a set with the best of four set's to a match. The next game wins at a deuce (also known as a golden point). Tie-break kicks in at 3-3 to ensure that the match finalises to 4 sets. This offers a definitive time advantage to close a match in 2 hours. Here's a link from Tennis Australia for an easy explanation.
  2. Two set with a super tie-breaker (TSB): Two sets super tie-breaker has six-game to a set, with a super tie-breaker of 10 points to decide a match. This format offers a better time advantage for match closure in 2 hours and retains the six games to a set format. This is also the preferred format for Australian ranking tournaments.
  3. Three sets (TS): Three set matches continue the six games to a set format. This, as noted earlier, has distinct time disadvantages when players are evenly matched.

I would recommend a TSB format considering Monday night comps include team matches that share courts with MNS matches. FF format is also very commonly used in UTR based events and is catching on rapidly in the Tennis community worldwide. Further, we can have more divisions playing on the same day.

However, I would invite regular and new players feedback to share their thoughts for finalising the match format. I've set up a poll to get a popular opinion on this.



At the moment, there are two divisions. However, we will have eight players per division this time, and the number of applications will decide the number of divisions we can hold this term.


Match Play Terms & Reserve pool management

This term, we will also change the Match Play terms and how the Reserve pool is managed. All comp players will have to pay the comp fees upfront. There will be a discount of 10% applied for this as well. The balls (3 balls can) will be provided for each match which shall be returned at the kiosk after every match.

We all understand that our daily lives can be unpredictable despite planning. The reserve pool helps out when a need, illness, injury, or even work needs disrupt your match play. However, since the reserve pool players are standing for you, they play for free since the points won/lost are still assigned to the player. This gives a good incentive for the reserve pool players and the match players. This also reduces the forfeits in the comps, providing a fair match play for all of the comps community (including reserve players). Reserve pool players get to experience and occasionally play, especially when they can't commit to an entire competition term.

If at any time, any player needs to withdraw from the comps for any given reason, the pro-rated fee will be refunded. The reserve player who then joins the competition draw also pays only the pro-rated fee for the competition and inherits the points from the leaving comp member. This allows the reserve player to have a fair chance at the outcome of the competition.

Rain affected/Washouts

To manage the schedule, if there is a washout due to rains, the players will have to arrange to play off the scheduled matches in the same week before the next match and update the scores on the MatchCentre.


Comp fees

The fees for comps have always been $25 entry fee with $20 weekly court use fees. The balls will be supplied which are to be returned after the comps. We are as mentioned, going to make this upfront one time fee to make it easier for managing the comps, as mentioned in the play terms above. The final fees depends on the number of players and duration of the comps and will be made known in the week prior to the start date of 14th Feb. 


The rest of the competition rules remain as before. 


Please provide feedback and views on the points mentioned above for the upcoming club competitions.


Enrolment and dates for comps to follow.

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