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Club Competitions [Sticky] Monday Night Teams Comps - 21/22

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Hello Comp players,

I am Kumar, the Vice President of the Parra City Tennis management committee. I have taken up Terry's Monday night comps responsibilities, and Terry will be looking after the Wednesday night singles and Saturday morning junior's comps.


Match Backend

We will continue with the current setup we have had for teams. We tried the Tennis Australia Match Centre for integration into UTR, but the unique format for Teams doesn't fit in. This is our club competition and we will continue our existing format.


Match Format

For the 21/22 comps, I am not changing the format for the comps and we will continue as we were.


Match Play Terms 

This term, we need to get the matches out the same week as it was to be held. This means that we shouldn't have a forfeit for any match. So any match that runs out of time or is not played because of wash out needs to be played at agreed times during the same week to ensure the scoring is completed before the next scheduled match time.


The rest of the competition rules remain as before. 


Please provide feedback and views on the points mentioned above for the upcoming club competitions.


Enrolment and dates for comps to follow.

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