Rally4Ever at ParraTennis!

We held our first ever Rally4Ever tennis event at Parramatta City Tennis Centre and it was a rallying success! Rally4Ever is a charity based foundation centred around mental health and ParraTennis wanted to be a part of the foundation to help share the message across the community. The event was held on 15 January 2022 and there were more than 50 locals who turned up to make the event a success. There were coaching drills and free play, the entire venue was free for everyone to play. There were sandwiches and free drinks made available by our caretaking manager Scott, and there was an energy palpable in the community who engaged to make it a success.

RALLY4EVER is a non-profit organisation that connects people and helps support mental health through physical activity. RALLY4EVER are relentless in their pursuit to create human connection and drive physical activity to keep people moving forward and thriving. With a team of skilled empathetic coaches across the nation, they want to provide access to sport for everyone in the community. You can view the ABC Australia back story media piece here.