Dear ParraTennis community,

We have received updated COVID-19 advise from Tennis NSW and as a close member/partner of the Tennis NSW, we follow the guidelines from them.

We have decided to align ourselves in line with the below advisement from Tennis NSW and we will no longer require vaccination rule to apply to our patrons of the club.

We, however, do expect you to be update of the NSW and Federal government public heath order notices, and apply commonsense to your own community.

As for the rest of it, just book a court and play more tennis, stay fitter and healthier!

Thank you from your friendly management at ParraTennis!

Tennis Australia


The Tennis NSW Board has updated the guidelines for participation in the sport by removing the requirement for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination from Tuesday 1 February 2022.

The change now brings participation in tennis in NSW into line with the NSW State Government position which currently states:

Anyone can now participate in sport and exercise.

  • People are no longer required to be fully vaccinated or carry vaccination evidence.
  • Face masks are required indoors when not participating in exercise.
  • Density limits no longer apply.
  • COVID Safety Plans are no longer required.

With the State Government having allowed both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals to participate in sport and exercise for some time now, it is timely for tennis to follow suit and align with the current Public Health Order.

Any venue in NSW (including tennis venues) retains the right to enforce mandatory vaccination at their own premises. Therefore, individual tennis venues are permitted to continue to require proof of vaccination for entry to their premises if they choose to do so, which should be respected by patrons at those venues.

However, in making the change to the statewide guidelines, Tennis NSW is no longer requiring a standard which exceeds the current Public Health Order and is moving to a position in line with how the general community in NSW is now operating.

While the immediate effect of this change (as from 1 February) may cause inconvenience in the short term, it was determined that there would be a level of inconvenience irrespective of which date in the future was nominated. Please contact Tennis NSW staff if you require assistance or guidance on working through implementation of the change.

Tennis NSW continues to strongly encourage all participants in the sport to be fully vaccinated and to receive a booster when eligible to do so.